Senior In Care Council (SICC) – Who we are and what we do

The group is for young people who are 11-18 years old (older depending on needs).  The aim of the group is to help to make changes and a difference in looked-after children’s lives. The members speak to and work with decision makers, professionals and services and make sure they listen to young people.

There is no other group like this in BANES.  SICC is independent from social care and health care. The group is run by Off the Record – an independent charity.

How can members make a difference for looked after young people?

  • Have their say and make changes for young people in care.
  • Improve the services they use.
  • Inspire other young people to get their voices heard.
  • Take part in trips and fun activities.
  • Build their skills and confidence.
  • Meet other young people.
  • Consult other looked after children and young people and let them know their rights and entitlements.
  • Update and make sure BANES are meeting the pledge.


The types of activities we do:

  • Film and arts projects – like graffiti.
  • Interviewing professionals for their jobs.
  • Making sure young people’s views are heard by attending meetings.
  • Updating the pledge, a list of promises to children and young people in care and care leavers. We campaign to make sure young people know what their rights are and that it is being stuck to
  • Going on trips to celebrate our successes – like boat trips and meals out at Jimmy Spices.
  • Making Podcasts so Looked After young people know their rights and entilements.



What young people say about the SICC:

“We work together as a team and help adults to improve their participation skills.”

“It’s fun because you get to work with other people and to meet nice people.”

“It feels like a family in here.  They don’t judge you.”

“It’s an overwhelming feeling of achievement when you see something changed for the better”.

“When I come here I get to say what I want to say, not what other people want me to say”

“I get to make a difference for other young people”


We would enjoy your views and opinions in the In Care Councils, to share and discuss your thoughts and those of others.  The Councils are small groups and we are all in the same boat so don’t be shy come join in! 


For any more information or to join you can contact Lisa: Email or call 01225 312481