Junior In Care Council – who we are and what we do

The Junior In Care council is a group for Looked After Children aged 7-11 (or older depending on their needs). The group supports children and young people who are in care and gives them the opportunity to spend time with their peers.  It is a place for them to work together to share their ideas and voice their opinions in a meaningful way – including receiving feedback on which of their ideas have been taken on and why. It also gives them the opportunity to prioritise what is important to them, so eventually they can lead the group agenda.

The programme includes basic consultation workshops and fun social activities.  The group enables  young people to have a supported transition into the Senior In Care Council when the children/young people are ready to move up. The group is delivered by Off the Record and Social Care.


A message from members of the Junior In Care Council:

  • Come and join our group, everybody is welcome
  • The group helps you settle into care.
  • You can have your say and make changes for children in care.
  • We go on trips like – Mill on the Brue, Ape Project and the cinema.
  • You get to play games and see your friends


What young people say about the Junior In Care Council:

“We gave our ideas for toy bags used by Social Workers.  I felt surprised and happy when I saw the ones we made.”

“One of my favourite times is when we did the dance activity and got all tangled up in scarves from the box of dreams.”

“The best thing about it is when we do cooking and draw stuff.”

“We went to Mill on the Brue and told the SICC what makes a good social worker”


Juniors meet the Looked After Children's Nurse - They made pizza and told her what toys,'feelings cards', etc she should bring to her sessions

Juniors meet the Looked After Children’s Nurse – They made pizza and told her what toys,’feelings cards’, etc they would like her to bring to her sessions


We would enjoy your views and opinions in the In Care Councils, to share and discuss your thoughts and those of others.  The Councils are small groups and we are all in the same boat so don’t be shy come join in! 


For any more information or to join you can contact Lisa: Email lisamukherjee@offtherecord-banes.co.uk or call 01225 312481 or 07793655510