Counselling Service

What is counselling?

Counselling is talking to someone who is trained to help you become clearer about your thoughts and feelings, and to help you find your own solutions. For example, you might want to make changes in your life and decide to work with your counsellor to help you do so. You can talk about anything you want – for example anger, anxiety, family issues and relationships. Click here to see more examples.

Counsellors don’t judge or tell you what to do or say. The Counselling Service is confidential and nobody else needs to know you are using the service. Anything shared between you and the counsellor is private, and nothing about you is passed on to anyone outside Off the Record without your permission. An Off the Record counsellor would only break confidentiality if your or someone else’s safety was at risk – and we will let you know if we have to do this.

Counselling is free and normally involves up to six 50-minute sessions. When you come in to meet your counsellor you make an agreement about how you plan to use your six counselling sessions.

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