Social Enterprise and Innovation Business Programme- Startup Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, OTR visited a group of keen 6th Formers interested in entrepreneurship at Bath’s Innovation Centre. The programme ran for 2 days- meaning ultimate business heads were on throughout!

We gave a short talk about how OTR are beginning to use social media as a way to increase awareness of our work- something of which is incredibly important to any business/charity! The young people were hugely helpful- all giving their business ideas of how they think we can improve even further.

There were 4 groups of young people participating- with each group creating and planning their own business. All considering the reasons why THEIR business would be successful. Each group was incredibly different, all coming up with their own creative business ideas and plans.

OTR took part on the panel (which was lots of fun!) Each group presented their business ideas to the panel for 5 minutes- they spoke about many factors including- why their business is needed, why their business would be successful and how they would fund their business. See below for a brief overview of each group’s business ideas:

Group 1: Mental Health Cafe– A safe space where people can go in to discuss their mental health tips/concerns- also where private, cheap counselling is available. As well as good quality coffee!

Group 2: Small Animal Petting Zoo– A zoo that would enable people to become more educated on small animals, as well as somewhere visitors can come in to pet animals- fun for adults and children!

Group 3: Sustainable/ recycling Business– A business that would involve beach clear ups from rubbish. Which would then be collected and recycled into new products… such as water bottles, phone cases and shoes!

Group 4: Welsh cafe in England– This business’ aim was to tackle the low employment rate in Wales. Their idea was to set up a Welsh cafe in England (serving Welsh food) where people from Wales can come to work and learn skills to enable them to go back to Wales and gain a job back home!

After all business’ were presented- it was down to the panel to decide who was going to win. It was tough as they were all so incredibly different, and each group worked hard throughout. Finally… we decided the winner was… (drumroll) Group 4: with their Welsh cafe business! We felt this was the group which engaged us the most with their personal story they had as to why their business

Hats off to each and every young person that took part in the programme- we were impressed!

If you are interested in Entrepreneurship, get involved! There will be more of these Startup Workshops happening in the Autumn. Click link for more information: