OTR @ Bath Digital Festival ‘#SheMeansBusiness’

#SheMeansBusiness Well isn’t this just the best event name ever?! This event was my 2nd event part of Bath Digital Festival 2018 and was hosted by Natalie Sherman; founder of Naturally Social.

Natalie began the event by discussing ‘Imposter Syndrome’ I had no idea what this was until Natalie explained… Imposter Syndrome is the fear that you are not doing very good, your blagging your work and you’re going to get found out. I never knew this was a thing… but it’s a thing I always feel, somewhat I was relieved other people felt like this too! Natalie spoke about how particularly women face imposter syndrome, but her advice… GO FOR IT! In Natalie’s works JFDI (I’ll let you google what this means if you don’t know already haha)

Natalie then gave us several insights and hints and tips, with regards to using social media for a business; and shared stories of her own experience. Natalie discussed that she doesn’t believe people check their analytics enough on their social media; she emphasised that analytics tell us so much about what’s working and what’s not. Yet people still seem to not check them regularly. She simply said, if somethings not reaching enough engagement- stop doing it. Focus on what is working and continue to build on that.

It was interesting that Natalie doesn’t believe every business needs to be on every social media. Natalie explained that businesses should use the social media that suits the business, as well as your audience. With regards to OTR, I find this difficult as we have such a range of audience; primarily it is young people, but also parents, schools and other professionals therefore I do think for OTR, it is important for us to have every social media channel.

In addition, Natalie spoke about frequency of posting on businesses social media account. Natalie doesn’t believe we need to post every day; she believes quality over quantity when it comes to social media posts and content. She discussed that if people see the same, regular posts frequently- they will switch off- which is of course not what any business wants.

The session ended with a Q&A from a female dominant audience, which was great. It was amazing to see so many women with different careers, and backgrounds of knowledge with regards to social media coming together and helping each other out.

I found this event so empowering, simply because it was focused on women in business and technology. In addition, having a brilliant business woman like Natalie, speak about how even she faces imposter syndrome really did leave me with an attitude of ‘I GOT THIS’.

Izzy 🙂