OTR @ Bath Digital Festival ‘The Secrets of Social Media’


This is my first ever digital festival and being held in Off the Records home in Bath, it was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down!

My first event was ‘The Secrets of Social Media’ this is something I was hugely excited for especially since I manage the social media channels for Off the Record. Social media plays a bigger role than ever in my life, and I couldn’t turn down an opportunity for some social media top tips!

The first speakers were Pat and Bruno, founders of Swoon gelato (who’s gelato my dad loves!) They spoke about how they got their business started; and how social media plays a key role within their business. The key thing I learnt from them was that language is key with regards to their social platforms. And if you are not authentic, people will soon see through you!

The next speaker was Paul, founder of Huggg. I had never heard of Huggg before, it was great to hear about how Paul started the business and how he uses social media to promote his business. Paul throwed several facts at us (that had me literally like the shock face emoji) he explained that the average attention human span has decreased to 8 seconds and that we interpret images 50,000 times faster than text! Paul spoke about how the marketing of cards seemed to be increasing, which in a digital world seems crazy?! He then further explained that it’s not the card, it’s the time and effort it has taken someone to write the message is what sticks with us. Which is exactly why he created Huggg, where you can send food and drink to friends in seconds via your phone- to make their day! Check out Huggg on the app store.

The event ended with a series of Q&A’s. It was great to see such a big audience with a range of social media backgrounds coming together to talk about difficulties they face with regards to social media; and for answers to be given from a range of points of view. I found this part hugely beneficial; it was great to hear ways of solving social media problems from people that have been there themselves!

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s event, keep your eyes peeled here for more #BDF2018 blogs


Izzy 🙂