OTR @ Bath Digital Festival ‘Why your business needs a blog’



I was really looking forward to this BDF event ‘Why your business needs a blog’ and I was not disappointed! The event was held at the beautiful Apex hotel (they even provided free popcorn yay!) and the event’s speaker was Sal from Sals Kitchen; who runs a fab local foodie blog as well as #BathIndieChat.

As soon as I saw this event on the Bath Digital Festival website, I knew I had to go! Since we are launching a new website for OTR soon, writing a regular blog is something I am super keen to do. I have written personal blogs before, but never for an organisation. The idea of me writing a blog for OTR scares me simply because I’m not quite sure where to start! I went into this event with my Ipad at the ready, ready to note down all the blogging top tips.

Sal was utterly brilliant in explaining the benefits of a blog in simple words! She spoke about what a blog is and the importance of blogs in the digital world. Sal explained that a blog enables you to tell your story, build relationships as well as to show your brand’s personality. Which of course is exactly what I want to do for OTR.

One thing that Sal spoke about which I am super keen to do, is to get other members of your team to write a blog. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce people that work within your organisation. Also, we have so many brilliant members of staff full of knowledge on wellbeing here at OTR and it only makes sense to share their knowledge and tips! Likewise, it will also increase brand loyalty and relationships- a winwin situation!

Sal discussed that ‘why you do it often has a bigger impact than what you do.’ This is an utterly brilliant saying that I want to keep in mind when blogging, as well as in life generally as I think it is so true.

If you have any blog content suggestions you would like to see from OTR, I would love to hear them. Send me an email at isabelbaker@offtherecord-banes.co.uk with your ideas!

Izzy 😊