It’s nearly time to vote in the B&NES MYP Elections 2016! Check out the Candidate’s manifestos here!

From Monday 7th March 2016 until 2pm on Friday 11th March 2016 it will be your opportunity to vote for who YOU want to represent YOU and your peers as Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for B&NES


What is a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP)?

  • MYPs (and Deputy MYPs) are elected in every part of the UK
  • Once elected they meet with their peers to consult them on what  matters  most to them
  • They also meet with MPs and local councillors, organise events, run campaigns, make speeches, and hold debates to ensure the views of young people are being listened to by decision makers
  • In November of their term, the MYP will debate in the House of Commons. We are the only people allowed in the chamber besides the MPs themselves!


The Youth Forum

B&NES MYP and Deputy MYP will be supported by the B&NES Youth Forum – a group of young people who campaign for changes locally, regionally and nationally.

Any young person aged 11-18 living or studying in B&NES can be involved in the Youth Forum – meetings are held in Central Bath fortnightly on Mondays from 6:15-8:50pm


Click here for more information on B&NES MYPs and Youth Forum


The Election

Voting will take place from Monday 7th March 2016 until 2pm on Friday 11th March 2016 in your schools, youth clubs etc.

You will each be able to vote for ONE candidate on the ballot papers given.

For more information on the elections click here

If your school/ club/ organisation would like to host a ballot – click here.


The 2016/17 Candidates

The following manifestos reflect the priorities of each of the MYP candidates running this year (in alphabetic order).

Manifesto Summaries below together abbreviated manifestos in symbolic format.

Click on their names for their full manifestos.


Adam Stanley

I believe that no one deserves to suffer from depression or anxiety, especially at a young age.

• I believe we should all have equal opportunities to follow our dreams and pursue our interests.

• I believe that young people should be able to make a difference and should be encouraged to speak their mind.

So vote for me if you share my views and believe young people deserve a voice, a chance, and not to suffer from anxiety or depression.


Alex Stanley 

alex stanley accessible manifesto










Ellie McCormack

I am passionate about seeing parity in education of physical and mental health. It’s important that the next generation is raised with the tools to help themselves and others.

The upcoming EU referendum will see many young people miss out on participating in basic democracy. This needs to change: we need Votes at 16.

The new ‘living wage’ will pay those over 25 £7.20 an hour but U18s will still be receiving minimum wage. Excluding young people is unjust.

Vote for me if you want an advocate to work tirelessly to change things for you, and young people across BANES.












Jacob Bishop Ponte

If elected I will:

  • Raise the age in which you can buy a children’s ticket on travel services to 18.  *By law we are considered a child until the age of 18, why is this different when it comes to travel fares?*
  • Make gender education and equality a priority in the South West. *we need to know more about gender and the stereotypes surrounding it*
  • Stop Further cuts to youth mental health services. *£50 million has been cut already. This MUST end now*












Jasmin Miller

I am a determined 14 year old who would love to represent your views. I am very passionate about:

  • Improving Mental Health services and getting them known.
  • Gender Equality – being treated the same regardless of your gender.
  • Votes for sixteen and Living Wage

As well as getting YOUR voice heard.

Vote for me as what matters to you, matters to me.










Mudiwa Madzima

Every individual in the community is entitled to feel they belong; therefore I will try to fight for equality for the LGBT+ community, race, ethnic minority and nationality.

It is important that mental health is heard in society; 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate intervention.

Stress and lack of support can lead to (or worsen) mental health problems, particularly during school exam periods. We must therefore reduce pressure and increase support for young people in their learning environment.












Rosie Sourbut

I’m standing to be your MYP because I want to make change. I believe in social justice, equality, fighting poverty and protecting the environment. If elected, I will:

  • Encourage better mental health education and services
  • Campaign for a living wage for young people
  • Fight poverty and homelessness and stand up for youth in B&NES
  • Protect our planet by making the sustainable option the easiest
  • Promote equality and fight prejudice in schools

 Join the Rosielution!















Happy Voting!!









MYP Elections, Parliament Days and Youth Forum are all part of B&NES Participation Project managed by Off the Record BANES.

For any more information or are interested in joining the Youth Forum, contact Lisa Mukherjee, Participation Development Worker, Off the Record: Email or call 01225 312481 or 07793655510


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