The Teenage Jigsaw- Connecting the pieces. OTR offer parenting courses

Support for Parents of 21st Century teenagers – a super important job with no training or instructions (!)
Off The Record are offering a three part series of interactive workshops for parents of teenagers. The three workshops will explore:

Monday 1st October – Part 1
Life for a teenager in the C21st
This workshop sets the context of life today for young people, in contrast to how it was when we were teenagers. We look at what an intense period of change this is developmentally, physically, emotionally etc with a brief summary of neurological influences. We explore the impact of social media and modern day challenges such as living up to online ‘perfectionist’ identity pressures, achieving academically and socially etc.

Monday 5th November – Part 2
Creating Boundaries and Understanding
We focus on building confidence in what we feel as parents, eg what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, curfew times, etc. We then explore practical suggestions of how to negotiate and agree boundaries in the home environment, to create consistent family ‘standards’ that everyone agrees to, thus providing our young people with a supportive framework they can trust.

Monday 3rd December – Part 3
Building Relationships and Communication
The final workshop brings everything together, including how aware we are as parents of our own thoughts, actions and behaviours, looking at our responses and reactions to interactions with our children. We then explore ways that we can be more responsible for modelling clear communication and creating space to actively listen, in order to best support our young people.

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