The Teenage Jigsaw- Connecting the pieces. OTR offer parenting courses

Workshops for Parents of Older Children and Teenagers

Growing up is hard to do…social media, friendship problems, hormones. It’s tough being a teenager and can be even tougher to parent them! So OTR would like to invite parents of older children and teens to our new workshop:


  • What is it like to be a young person/teen today?
  • What are the challenges they face?


  • Simple tools to be able to support them as best we can
  • Awareness and confidence in our role as parents

This workshop is designed not to make you feel bad about your parenting, but rather to offer support and encouragement, providing an opportunity to share and learn from the experiences of other parents.

Come and join us:

Wednesday 25th April     9.30-11.30      Parents Workshop Pt 1 – Introduction (a repeat of the workshop we ran earlier in the year)

Friday 4th May                  9.30-11.30        Parents Workshop Pt 2 – Self-Awareness (a follow on from Pt 1)

Wednesday 23rd May       9.30-11.30      Parents Workshop Pt 1 – Introduction

Friday 8th June                9.30-11.30          Parents Workshop Pt 3 – Boundaries & Confidence (a follow on from Pt 2)

Wednesday 4th July            9.30-11.30     Parents Workshop Pt 1 – Introduction

Friday 13th July                  9.30-11.30       Parents Workshop Pt 4 – Communication Skills (a follow on from Pt 3)

To book a place please call 0300 303 3661 or email