OTR’s top 10 festival tips!

As I’m sure many of you are aware, we are well within festival season!! ⛺🎤🎪
OTR have come up with our top 10 tips to boss festivals this summer! ‘Av a look ⬇🤙
1. Be clever about your tent placement ⛺
Camp near something memorable- loosing your mates is easily done but at least you’ll know where your camp is. Pitching away from the path is also a good shout so people don’t trample on your stuff!
2. Take a giant pack of baby wipes 🚿
They WILL become your best friend!
3. Be sure to learn where the festivals welfare tent is 📍
Handy for yourself and for others around you who may need a hand 👋 They will be open 24 hours
4. Don’t look down the ‘toilets’ 🤮
You will thank us for this one
5. Party safe 🕺
Remember alcohol or drugs can seriously affect your ability to make safe judgements. Be responsible and know your limits- look out for yourself and your friends
6. Be weather prepared ☀🌧
Prepare for ANYTHING as we know what the English Weather is like…we recommend lots of suncream and some ponchos
7. Keep your phone charged 📲
So you can communicate at all times- worth considering investing in a portable charger so you don’t have to pay for pricey recharging facilities at the festival
8. Ensure you keep cool and hydrated 💦
Being dehydrated is not fun and will ruin your weekend- and can be easily done if hot. Always have a bottle of water with you as when in a crowd it can get very HOT!
9. Take a head torch 🔦
You might look like a miner but trust us… without it you won’t be able to find ANYTHING you need in your tent at night
10. Make friends with your neighbours 👫👬👭👫
It will add to the festival experience and it means extra eyes watching your tent when your not there
Whatever festival you are heading to this year, we hope you have the best time ever!