OTR/ BANES MYP Beccy Thompson & Youth Forum’s gender equality campaign on ITV News Fixers!

‘Being a young woman growing up with comments and jokes thrown at you – you do become accustomed to it. And then I got to an age when I thought that’s not okay. I need to do something about this.’


Beccy Thompson is using her experiences of sexism to stand up to gender discrimination.


Her story was broadcast on ITV News West Country (E) on Thursday 16th February 2016.


The 17-year-old tells ITV about the need for equality and explains how traditionally held stereotypes of men and women can restrict individuals when it comes to life choices.


‘If you are too loud or too bossy, that’s a bad thing. But if you are a boy and are confident or strong, that’s good,’ explains Beccy, from Bath.


‘I think it’s hard to overcome that and realise that “actually, I can do whatever I want.”


‘Me and my friends have been working with Fixers to get more young people talking about gender equality.’


Watch it here:

Read more about it on the Fixers Website.


Some photos from the interview/ recording process:

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Beccy Thompson