Listen to our Senior In Care Council Podcasts!

Listen to the new Podcasts created by the Senior In Care Council for Bath and North East Somerset!



Run by local young people’s charity Off the Record, the Senior in Care Council (SICC) is a group of young people aged 11-18 who are looked after in foster care in Bath and North East Somerset. They work to guide and influence the development and delivery of services to all young people in care across B&NES. They meet regularly with professionals and decision-makers to share their views and experiences.

The young people worked closely with Georgia Butler at Somer Valley FM to create 2 x 10 minute Podcasts (digital broadcast). Georgia said “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the children on this project as they not only have the confidence to say how they feel and what they want, but they say it so well and so eloquently for their age.”

The young people share personal experiences and explain: what it’s like to be a young person in foster care; who the different professionals are in their lives; the difference between adoption and foster care; what an In Care Council is and what the group members get out of it. The young people were involved in every aspect of making the podcasts; from concept through to choosing the music and editing the final content.

Off the Record Participation Worker Lisa Mukherjee said “The Podcasts will be a valuable resource for PSHE lessons and training teachers, social care staff and Foster Carers. They will also be helpful to young people entering into Foster Care and will hopefully encourage them to join their In Care Councils. I am confident they will be used for years to come. The young people are excited about showcasing their hard work and I could not be prouder of them.”

Somer Valley FM’s Manager, Dom Chambers said, “This has been an amazing project. The confidence and drive of the young people to make this happen is both a credit to them as well as the support systems around looked after children. Empowering voices less heard as a positive force for change goes to the heart of what community radio is all about.”

The Podcast Project was funded via a legacy of ‘In Care, In School’; a project delivered by Off the Record in partnership with Somer Valley FM, Bath Virtual School and Bath Spa University Bath:

The Podcasts were first aired on Somer Valley 97.5FM at 4pm Friday 27th November 2015