School Outreach Service – Leah’s Story

Leah accessed the service because she was being bullied at school. She was upset by what was happening and wanted it to stop. Leah had tried to talk to teachers about was happening but felt that they weren’t listening to her and had given up. The following week the Off the Record worker was able to show her a copy of the school’s policy on bullying and how they should deal with it. After talking about how she felt and what she wanted to do, Leah decided to contact the school’s student support department and tell them what was going on.

They arranged a meeting between Leah and the student who had been accused of being the bully. Leah was much happier the following week and said that everything was sorted out. The Off the Record worker was able to tell Leah about an assertiveness course run locally, so that if the same thing happened in the future she might have some more ideas about how to deal with it.