OTR Stories

  • Shout Out Advocacy – Chloe’s Story

    Chloe was a young person with learning disabilities who had always wanted to study Child Care at college to Level 3. more >

  • Shout Out Advocacy – Mark’s Story

    Mark was a young person in care, but he felt Social Services were putting him under a lot of pressure to move on from care when he did not feel ready to do so. more >

  • Young Parents Service – Steve’s Story

    Steve had found out that his girlfriend was pregnant and that she intended to keep the baby. He didn’t feel at all ready to have a child, and wanted to persuade her otherwise. more >

  • Young Parents Service – Henry & Beth’s Story

    Henry & Beth were expectant young parents when the privately rented flat they hoped for fell through at the last minute. They faced eviction and homelessness. more >

  • Listening Support Service – Case Study Two

    A university student came to the Listening Support service. He was very tearful and overwhelmed and wanted to speak to somebody as soon as possible more >

  • Listening Support Service – Case Study One

    A 17 year old came to the Listening Support service . He’d been arguing with his mum and she had kicked him out. He was worried as he had no money until the following week. more >

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